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Join Us for Paddleboard Pilates

Come join Bradee for Stand Up Paddle Board Pilates on Silver Lake in Ocracoke! Be prepared for a paddle around the harbor followed by a core-based pilates workout, stretching, and meditation.

img_8454-2Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. Pilates tends to target the core, while also targeting other areas of the body to leave you with a well-rounded physique. It works to improve functionality of the body, as well as, stability, muscle control, and prepares you for the physical challenges of everyday life. This class caters to all ages and skill levels, but be cautioned, we will be doing pilates on a Paddle Board.

img_3599Meet your instructor…Bradee comes to Ride the Wind from Park City, Utah where she is on staff and certified by Salt Pilates certification program. Originally from Lawrenceburg, Indiana she began as a gymnast at Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy, where she competed for eleven years. Leaving gymnastics due to injury, Bradee kept busy playing soccer, track and field, diving, swimming and skiing.

After being introduced to pilates, Bradee found that with good practice, she could exercise her body in a way that would rehab her former gymnastics injuries and prevent new ones from occurring.

A very health driven person, she is currently working towards a Bachelor of Science (Botany) in Pre-Natural Medicine at Weber State University.

img_6938Paddleboard pilates is offered at Ride The Wind on Tuesday & Thursday mornings at 9am. This hour long class includes all necessary equipment. Reservations are required.


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Fall Surf on Ocracoke

Now’s the time to check out Ocracoke for that last minute dash to the beach for waves.  With the Gulf Stream’s close proximity Ocracoke enjoys warm water late into the fall.  Many years we find ourselves in a boardies and a neoprene top well into November.


This year the the first neoprene has just started showing up on our Southeast facing beach.  So prepare for cool air and warmer water. If you’re obsessed with weather, for best results watch for fall low pressure systems creeping up the mid atlantic.  If you want to cheat, our favorite surf site with an Ocracoke Report is  See you out there.

Discounted Gift Cards, For Last Minute Shoppers….LIKE ME!


Just in time for that last minute Christmas Gift.  Ride The Wind is offering a $100 activity gift card for only $75!  That’s right spend $75 now and it pays for $100 in activities later! Or you can give a gift of a specific activity.  Good for all of 2018 for rentals, lessons, and tours.  Just click the book now button and pick what you want!

Rich Corbin - Alberto Swell

NEW Surfboard Arrivals

Every spring we look forward to new board shipments arriving! It’s like Christmas morning for surfers! This years new stock includes boards from Lynn Shell of Shell Shapes up in Nags Head, Aloha Surfboards, and Creative Army a new line from Australia’s John Constable.

board-rack-2Shell Shapes’ Salsa Verde is a summer board line that’s designed for small summer surf and fast moving dumpy shore break. Lynn Shell has his name on it so you know its quality. It’s short, wide and fast with a short rail line perfect for tight summer pockets. Experienced surfers will enjoy the instant acceleration and full control this board provides while intermediates will appreciate the paddle power and stability. We have sizes from 5’8” to 6’4” in stock.






Our fun board addition this year is actually division(pun intended!) It’s the Aloha Fun Division line. These boards are all 2+1 setups to be ridden as a single fin or with the added control and flexibility of adding side bites. Catching waves and having fun is what this is all about. Perfect for beginner to advanced surfers looking for maximum wave count and style. Sizes from 6’0” to 7’6” in stock.



Our big board addition is from Australian John Constable who has designed a couple of models for distribution in the US. At Ride The Wind, we have the Huevo(That’s WAVE-O in case your pronunciation skills suck) a super fun larger board. This is classic hybrid that paddles easily yet is fast and responsive on the wave. We also have the JIVE and Seashorse model longboards. The Jive is comfortable nose riding or in a rail to rail transition, an active performance board. The Seahorse is an offering to the Old Skool Gods, stylish and designed for endless noseriding and fluid turns. The whole CA line is an awesome combination of resin tints and designs. The Huevo is available in 7’6” and 8’1”. The longboards are available in 9’2” and 9’6”.

Of course our racks will continue to be filled with our usual shapers, Allen White and George Robinson as well as a strong line of beginner boards from Torq and Gnaraloo.

Grab Your RTW Beanie Now!


Time to get your Ride The Wind Beanie before the big snow!  Two styles to choose from.  If you’re feeling hipster the Creeker Beanie can be worn as a watch cap or slouch beanie!  The traditionalist in the crowd would probably prefer the Pointer Beanie perfect for hanging “down point” on those chilly days.  Both are available online or in store.

Win a Ukulele in our Ride The Wind Instagram Contest!

horizontal poster-2nd font

Want to win a free ukulele?! We are giving one away to one of our Instagram followers! Have your name entered into the drawing to win by following these three easy steps:
1. Follow @ridethewindsurf on Instagram
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3. Tag three friends in the comment below the photo!
The Winner will be chosen August 1st and shipped out to that follower!
Good Luck!

Favorite Men’s Sandals-April 2015 Edition

Okay, now that the Easter Break and most of April are over the guys at the shop thought it would be a good time to give out some recognition in our Men’s Sandal Category. This highly scientific study conducted by our trained marketing specialists(Rich & Robert!) is based on customer comments, personal opinion, and of course our most important variable….SALES! So here goes with our Easter observations (sandal shoppers pay close attention) and recommendations.


First of all with over 2000 pairs of sandals and shoes on the sales floor we’ve got plenty to confuse, frustrate, and hopefully satisfy the savvy sandal customer. We’ve got everything from the high end Olukai Leather program to the low end knock off and believe me not everyone is looking for the same thing. So we broke this recognition down into a number of categories based on our own observations.


First up….Most Loyal Fan Base! Hands down this category is owned by Rainbow. Their classic leather sandal is a must have and only have for many of our customers. Its simple, has a great warranty, and the more worn it looks the better it feels.


The Rainbow Leather Classic-Bob's Broken in Pair!

The Rainbow Leather Classic-Bob’s Broken in Pair!

Robert sporting the Rainbow Bentley.

Robert sporting the Rainbow Bentley.

Next….Most Comfortable! The Olukai Ohana has claimed this spot for the last couple of years at the shop. Nice footbed, simple look, and oooohhhh so comfy. This model is at the top of our best seller list despite its high price tag.


Rich is an Olukai Man!

Rich is an Olukai Man!

And then….Most Style Innovation! Sanuk of course! Where else can you get an astro turf sandal and a pair of slip on shoes that deny being shoes. Year after year, Sanuk manages to come up with new fresh styles and colors.


Sanuk Economy Anyone?

Sanuk Economy Anyone?

These are NOT shoes!

These are NOT shoes!

Who wouldn’t include…Most Socially Responsible! Since Toms hit the scene most companies have tried to move more in this direction. In the Men’s sandal category Freewaters takes the prize. These guys are taking care of basic needs by helping provide wells and water to places that need them. Add to that a great value and comfort and its a winner for everyone. Their tie in with Thermarest has made for a very unique and comfortable footbed.


Finally….Most Customer Favored! Hey we’re talking about sales here and Reef has been our number one volume sandal line for years. Minimize the flash and maximize the product. The Reef Rover and Phantom are strong perfomers in the line and based on sales numbers the Rover is this April’s crowd favorite.


The Reef Quiver!

The Reef Quiver!

So there you go! This April has been strong in Men’s sandals for us and I expect more to continue! Come by the shop and put some on your feet and make up your own mind.

Dry Case For Your Stuff!

We’ve just gotten in a shipment of DryCase products and as always I’m impressed with this company and it’s products.  In case you didn’t know DryCase was born from a medical supply company that produces devices to waterproof bandages and casts and such.  They figured if it would protect a person why not an electronic device?  So DryCase was born.  The company is home grown too, with its operations and company team living just down the road in Wilmington, NC.

DryCase Bags & Cases

You can divide their products into 3 basic categories; cases, bags, and electronics accessories.  We’ll give you a break down of each and let you know what we’ll be stocking.  All three categories meet high standards of not only water proofing, but also technical usefulness and durability.


Lets start with the cases.  The must have DryCase product is the smartphone case.  I think the idea here is to have a way to occasionally waterproof your phone.  This shouldn’t be confused with a hard shell case like the Lifeproof.  First of all this isn’t designed for you to keep your phone in it permanently.  I paid $90 bucks for my Lifeproof.  It only fits the iPhone6 and its a pain to take it out of the case.  On the other hand if you’re only looking for an occasional use, the Drycase smartphone case is $39.99 and can be used on the iphone5, iphone6, or Samsung devices.  It’s super easy to get your phone in and out, and has a waterproof connection for your ear phones that doesn’t require a special adapter.  This case is rated at 100 feet for 1 hour.  The case comes with a special drain fitting that allows you to suck the air out of case.  It also comes with an arm band that allows you to strap it on when you want your hands to be free.

DryCase Smartphone Case

DryCase Smartphone Case

Since we just reviewed the smartphone case, lets talk about some accessories to go with it.  What good is waterproofing your tunes if your ear buds or headphones aren’t for use in the water.  Dry Case has a line of waterproof accessories to meet that need.  The DryBuds Chill is a fully submersible set of ear buds that sells for $29.99.  There’s also an overhead version for a few more bucks and if you want complete freedom there’s the BlueTooth DryBuds Free Flow.  These are not only fully submersible they sound as good as any competing price point.  If you don’t want an earpiece go with DryVibes a completely waterproof, floatable speaker.  This BlueTooth speaker sounds great and comes with a suction cup to mount it to your paddle board!

The final category we’re stocking in the shop is their bags.  We’ve got the standard dry bag as well as a few different backpacks.  The first thing to know is that DryCase bags are feature rich.  They all have two-way valves to help compress the load as well as high quality buckles and attachment points. The dry bags are 10L and come with a shoulder strap and bottle opener built into the buckle. The backpacks come in two different sizes a 20L and a 35L  both have padded waist, hip, and shoulder straps.  There’s plenty of bungees, attachment points, and pockets for your wallet and a water bottle.  For the Duck Hunters in the crowd there’s an awesome version in popular Mossy Oak prints.


To sum this up, DryCase has a great range of products at tremendous value.  Come by the shop and check it out, we’ve got a couple of demos on the sales floor you can test out.  See you soon!

Spring is Coming…March on Ocracoke


Early Spring means a really awesome sunrise!

If you’re heading down to Ocracoke in March you’re going to have to do a little extra packing for the trip. Otherwise you’ll spend part of your visit shivering in your shorts and flops or sweating in those long pants. March is the crazy weather month on Ocracoke. The day I’m writing this in early March started out nice and warm in the mid sixties. I opened the shop in flip flops and helped Robert unwrap some kayaks outside. When I stopped at the house for lunch I switched to a jacket and boots and now the temp in the afternoon is around forty, a drop of about 20 degrees. Throw in a 20mph North Wind and its like I’m on a completely different island from a few hours ago.


In early spring on the Outer Banks you need to be prepared for cold or wind and sometimes both. A shell type jacket is a must. Everyone preaches layering and this island is no exception. Even if you’re just heading down to Ocracoke for a quick day trip from up the beach make sure you stuff your jacket in the car. While it’s rarely too cold and windy to walk around the village, on occasion it can be quite unpleasant without long sleeves and a jacket. Of course the opposite is true as well. Never leave home without a pair of shorts and some flip flops!


Fog is a regular visitor in March

The other issue to deal with in the early Spring is the ferry. We live on an island. You have to take a boat to get here. The vast majority of you will be coming down Hwy12 and taking the ferry from Hatteras to Ocracoke. The ferry’s ability to operate is greatly impacted by the weather. The good news is that the days of showing up at the ferry terminal only to find out that the ferry is not running are pretty much a thing of the past. Modern technology puts a ton of info at your fingertips. First of all the Ferry Division loves to tweet. Their twitter account is @ncdot_ferry. They tweet any changes in the ferry schedule, cancellations, mechanical problems, etc. They’ll also include the impacted ferry terminal’s local phone number so you can get more info. Another great additions are the message boards at the Whalebone entrance to the National Seashore and in Ocracoke Village. They flash messages about the road and ferry.


If you’re planning on surfing in March it’s also a good idea to have some options.  A good strong SW wind will warm our water up pretty quick but you’ll need some type of suit.  It’s a safe bet to bring a full suit and spring suit.  I’ve surfed in March in a Spring Suit but the water normally will require a long top and bottom.


Having given the previous warnings I still have to say March is one of my favorite months on the island. The surf and fishing can be good and the wild swings in the weather make the good days even more appreciated. The island comes back to life in March, with shops and restaurants shaking off the dust and opening back up. Give us a call at the shop if you want a short term or current forecast or if you know what’s open for business on the island.