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Dry Case For Your Stuff!

We’ve just gotten in a shipment of DryCase products and as always I’m impressed with this company and it’s products.  In case you didn’t know DryCase was born from a medical supply company that produces devices to waterproof bandages and casts and such.  They figured if it would protect a person why not an electronic device?  So DryCase was born.  The company is home grown too, with its operations and company team living just down the road in Wilmington, NC.

DryCase Bags & Cases

You can divide their products into 3 basic categories; cases, bags, and electronics accessories.  We’ll give you a break down of each and let you know what we’ll be stocking.  All three categories meet high standards of not only water proofing, but also technical usefulness and durability.


Lets start with the cases.  The must have DryCase product is the smartphone case.  I think the idea here is to have a way to occasionally waterproof your phone.  This shouldn’t be confused with a hard shell case like the Lifeproof.  First of all this isn’t designed for you to keep your phone in it permanently.  I paid $90 bucks for my Lifeproof.  It only fits the iPhone6 and its a pain to take it out of the case.  On the other hand if you’re only looking for an occasional use, the Drycase smartphone case is $39.99 and can be used on the iphone5, iphone6, or Samsung devices.  It’s super easy to get your phone in and out, and has a waterproof connection for your ear phones that doesn’t require a special adapter.  This case is rated at 100 feet for 1 hour.  The case comes with a special drain fitting that allows you to suck the air out of case.  It also comes with an arm band that allows you to strap it on when you want your hands to be free.

DryCase Smartphone Case

DryCase Smartphone Case

Since we just reviewed the smartphone case, lets talk about some accessories to go with it.  What good is waterproofing your tunes if your ear buds or headphones aren’t for use in the water.  Dry Case has a line of waterproof accessories to meet that need.  The DryBuds Chill is a fully submersible set of ear buds that sells for $29.99.  There’s also an overhead version for a few more bucks and if you want complete freedom there’s the BlueTooth DryBuds Free Flow.  These are not only fully submersible they sound as good as any competing price point.  If you don’t want an earpiece go with DryVibes a completely waterproof, floatable speaker.  This BlueTooth speaker sounds great and comes with a suction cup to mount it to your paddle board!

The final category we’re stocking in the shop is their bags.  We’ve got the standard dry bag as well as a few different backpacks.  The first thing to know is that DryCase bags are feature rich.  They all have two-way valves to help compress the load as well as high quality buckles and attachment points. The dry bags are 10L and come with a shoulder strap and bottle opener built into the buckle. The backpacks come in two different sizes a 20L and a 35L  both have padded waist, hip, and shoulder straps.  There’s plenty of bungees, attachment points, and pockets for your wallet and a water bottle.  For the Duck Hunters in the crowd there’s an awesome version in popular Mossy Oak prints.


To sum this up, DryCase has a great range of products at tremendous value.  Come by the shop and check it out, we’ve got a couple of demos on the sales floor you can test out.  See you soon!

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