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Sunrise Tour

This trip is for the true early birds in the crowd. During the summer it’s a great way to beat the heat. Your trip will start out with a safety briefing and any necessary training. The emphasis on this trip is to explore the marsh and sound side coast line while enjoying the waking moments of this unique ecosystem. Departure times are set to coincide with sunrise.Trip length approximately 2 hours. Call for Departure Times and Reservations.

mid-day Tour

This is a great tour to learn the history and nature of Ocracoke. We’ll depart from our location on Silver Lake at 10:00am and learn about the history of Ocracoke and Portsmouth Island as we paddle to Springer’s Point. You’ll learn about the pirate Blackbeard and paddle in the area that was the site of his final battle. The marsh areas we’ll explore are home to many types of birds and creatures.Trip length approximately 2 hours.

sunset Tour

What a great way to end your day and work up a little appetite for Dinner. You’ll experience the history of Ocracoke and visit the tidal marshes adjacent to our village. A great tour for watching the Ibis, Egret, and other birds heading in for the evening and of course we’ll catch an awesome sunset on the way back in. Departure is two hours before sunset.Trip length approximately 2 hours.

full moon Tour

On three nights each month we offer a tour that combines the history and nature of Ocracoke with a unique night paddle under a full moon. On the way out you’ll experience the history of Ocracoke and a beautiful sound side sunset. Once in the tidal marsh we’ll look for flounder and other fish & shellfish in the shallow waters.
Trip length approximately 2 hours.

SUP Pilates

Come join Bradee for Stand Up Paddle Board Pilates at Silver Lake in Ocracoke! Be prepared for a paddle around the harbor followed by a core-based pilates workout, stretching, and meditation.

Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. Pilates tends to target the core, while also targeting other areas of the body to leave you with a well-rounded physique. It works to improve functionality of the body, as well as, stability, muscle control, and prepares you for the physical challenges of everyday life. This class caters to all ages and skill levels, but be cautioned, we will be doing pilates on a Paddle Board.

Kayak Tours & Rate ScheduleAll of our tours are dependent on the weather and tide. Your trip departure location and ultimate destination may be altered to accommodate current conditions and to insure everyone has a good time.

Kayak Tour Rates
Sunrise $45
Midday $39
Sunset $39
Kids 12 & Under $18
2019 Full Moon Kayak Tour Schedule
May 16,17,18 $40
June 15,16,17 $40
July 14,15,16 $40
Aug 13,14,15 $40
Sep 12,13,14 $40

Kayak TypesWe offer kayaks from Perception, Wilderness Systems, and a few surf/play boats from Dagger. We renew the majority of our rental fleet annually so all of our boats and equipment are in excellent condition. We offer a variety of styles to accommodate beginner to advanced paddlers.

Recreational Kayaks

These boats are wide and stable. They are designed to accommodate paddlers of all levels from beginner to expert. If you will be here when the water is cold or you want to minimize how wet you get paddling you should choose a sit in kayak. If you want to put on your swimsuit and have some fun in warm sound side water or in the surf of the ocean then you should choose a sit on top kayak.

Sit In Recreational Kayaks

Perception Prodigy 10.0
Perception Prodigy 12.0
Perception Acadia II 14.0 Tandem
Wilderness Systems Pungo 140
Wildnerness Systems Pamlico 135T Tandem

Sit On Top Recreational Kayaks

Dagger Torrent
Dagger Kaos
Perception Tribe 9.5

Perception Trip 11.5
Perception Tribe 13.5
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140

All sit on top kayaks are equipped with seatbacks

Fishing Kayaks

The fishing favorites in our fleet are the Wilderness Systems
Tarpon 120 & 140 and the Perception Pilot with Pedal Drive.  When you specify a fishing boat we provide a setup that includes rod holders, rod tethers, and anchor system at no additional charge..

Advanced Kayaks

Our touring kayaks are designed for paddlers with a little more experience. These boats are faster and more efficient than recreational kayaks but they are also less stable and more prone to tipping. All of these boats are equipped with sealed bulkheads fore and aft and with storage. Spray skirts are available for an additional charge.

Touring Kayaks

Carolina 14.5 w/Rudder

All rentals include paddle, life jacket, and dip net. Dry bags available on request.

Free delivery and pickup on daily and weekly rentals.

Things to bring on a Kayak Tour

Watershoes, Water, Hat, Sunglasses, Insect Repellant, Sunscreen, Camera.