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Post Election Free Time

Now that everyone needs something new to focus on, I’d like to suggest coming to the beach and going surfing.  Ocracoke Island is the perfect November destination.  Nice and quiet, fun surf, and warm water.

The busy season is definitely over and with HWY 12 closed on Pea Island, coming to Ocracoke means you’ll have to take the Swanquarter or Cedar Island Ferry.  The result is much smaller numbers of visitors.  If you’re looking for long stretches of sandy beaches to stroll with very few people now’s the time.

As for surf, it’s a rarity this time of year to not have something to ride.  Waist high swell is pretty common, with some bigger days thrown in.  The waters still fairly warm, but the air temps will typically call for a long sleeve spring suit or thinner full suit.

There’s still plenty of businesses open to keep you busy when your not at the beach.  But enough has closed that you’ll definitely get that remote feeling.  The shop is open through New Years and we’ll continue to schedule surf lessons as long as the conditions are suitable.

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