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Skimming on Ocracoke

Ocracoke is a pretty good all round destination for skimming.  First of all its 100% sandy beachbreak, so there’s no rocks or obstructions to worry about.  Constant movement of the sand due to erosion from storms and tidal action provides a mixture of steep entry sections and wide flat sections.  This gives the beginner and the advanced skimmer plenty of options.  Probably the best thing about skimming on Ocracoke is the relatively weak surf pressure.  Just about any day you can find a wide open space to skim all to yourself, July may take a little more effort but most months you’ll find yourself looking for some company. Ride The Wind carries a wide range of skimboards by Wave Zone for sale and for rent.  Rental skimboards are Wave Zone models that cover a wide range of skimmer weights and abilities.

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