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Smith ChromaPop Review

We’ve been carrying Smith Sunglasses for as long as we’ve owned the shop and its consistently been one of our favorite brands.  They’re one of the few brands that have been able to keep their models trendy without making them unwearable for the majority of us.  If you’re looking for something that’s reasonably stylish but super technical and functional you’d be well served to test drive a pair of Smith Glasses.

This year we’ve got two new categories from Smith.  First the “ChromaPop” Collection.  This may be over the top, but my guess is this will be our top selling collection this year…but more on that later.  The second new group is the “Archive” Collection.  Smith is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2015 and to kick off their Heritage campaign they’ve re-released 5 models that were in the line from 1988-93.  These frames have a real retro feel and are definitely trendy.   We’ve got 3 of the 5 styles here at Ride the Wind Surf Shop right now for you to check out.

Smith Delano-Archive Collection


Smith Marvine-Archive Collection

Now for the Smith ChromaPop.  Sunglasses technology has rapidly evolved over the last decade.  People expect the product to be optically correct and provide the ultimate in polarization and clarity.  ChromaPop is on the leading age of the next movement, light management technology.  According to Ned Post, Smith President, “we’ve been told that by a number of opticians that the technology has a positive impact on vision, on how you see color, and the clarity is better because the coating we use instead of film. The average customer reaction has been amazing.”

Smith Dolen-ChromaPop Collection

Smith Audible-ChromaPop Collection

Smith Frontman-ChromaPop Collection

With that in mind, we put the Smith ChromaPop lense up against the Costa del Mar 580.  We sell both lines in the shop and have devout followers of Costa as customers.  So here’s the deal, if you’re committed to your 580 lense, don’t try on the ChromaPop.  The other characteristics of the lense, the polarization, clarity, optical correctness, etc.  were very similar…but the light management aspect, how everything looks, was dramatically brighter and had more vibrant color with the ChromaPop.  So at least in our shop, the ChromaPop came out on top.

But don’t go with what we’re suggesting.  We have both lines, along with all you’re favorite brands, here at Ride The Wind Surf Shop and you can come in and do your own test.

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