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The Latest in Boardshort Technology at Ride the Wind


Boardshorts are piling into the shop for the upcoming warm water season.  We’ve got new offerings in from Billabong, Lost, Volcom, Wellen, O’Neill, Quiksilver, and Hurley.  We see a lot of different folks throughout a season so we offer three categories of boardshorts here at RTdubb; Technical, Core, and Basic.

Our technical line continues to be dominated by ultralight 4+ way stretch.  The key word here is LIGHTWEIGHT!  Ripcurls Mirage category consists of shorts so lightweight its like “wearing nothing”. If you want to compete in this category 4 way stretch is the minimum.  Top performers for the shop include the Reef Playa, which is also made from recycled materials, Hurley’s phantom category, Ripcurl’s Mirage line, and Billabong’s Platinum stretch series.  If you’re a surfer this is the category for you.  If you live in your boardshorts in or out of the water, pick something from this category.

In the core group we switch from lots of stretch to shorts with a little stretch or some more traditional fabrics.  If you want to look good at the pool or are looking for as much value for the dollar as possible this is a good group to check out.  Quicksilver has quite a few signature trunks I’d put in this category.  A shop favorite is the Brigg Scallop.  Concentrate on comfort and style here with the Patagonia Stretch Wavefarer or Lost’s Ah Yes!

Okay so I get it, you’re from OHIO and you’re only at the beach for 7 days a year.  Nobody wants to drop a lot of $$$ on something that’s not going to get used.  But hey, you can use a good basic boardshort even in OHIO.  The Basic category is all about lower price without giving up longevity.  Just because its inexpensive doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get you through the season.  We’ve got plenty of boardshorts in this category.  Hurley has carved out quite a niche with its One & Only offerings and you can always count on Quiksilver to come through every year with a new twist to its original basic.

Bottom line is that Ride the Wind has what you’re looking for when it comes to boardshorts.  We have all the top brands and a few that are flying under the radar.  In season we regularly have 50 to 60 styles in your size!  So come on down and put some on!  See you in the water!

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