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We’ve always tried to sell off the bulk of our rental fleet at the end of each rental season.  Since we’re buying new replacements every fall this keeps our rental fleet in good shape and stocked with the latest models.  For our customers, they get the opportunity to buy a higher end boat at a really reasonable price.


We have several different categories of boats available this year.  In the recreational class we have models from both Perception and Wilderness Systems in both sit-in and sit-on-top styles.  We also have a few light touring boats, the Perception Carolina 14, that have a rudder to help with tracking.  The Wilderness System Tarpon is also available and makes a nice fishing platform.


Perception Carolina 14

If you’re looking for a kayak to take out thru some light surf we’d recommend a sit-on-top since they’re self bailing.  The Perception Tribe is a great all around boat and will work in small waves and flatwater paddling.  The Dagger torrent is a really fun boat for rivers, whitewater, and the ocean.

Perception Tribe 11.5

Our Sit In kayaks are the workhorses of our rental fleet.  These are our “go to” boats for soundside rentals and tours.  The top single is the Pungo 140 from Wilderness Systems.  These boats have adjustable seats and track extremely well, but also have nice roomy cockpits for easy entry and exit.  There’s also a large selection of tandem Sit-In Kayaks so you won’t have to paddle by yourself.  There are two tandem models available, the Pamlico 135T by Wilderness Systems, and the Prodigy from Perception.

Wilderness Systems Pungo 140

You can check out all the models and styles available by stopping by the shop or checking us out online at

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